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Bio-Identical Probiotic/Prebiotic SBO Consortia

Posted by Kelli de Sante' on 11th Apr 2022

Just how are food additives affecting our gutPublished by admin under Allergies,Dietary GuidelinesHow are food additives affecting our gut?Over time, common additives are changing the landscape of our microbiome.1*Food additives have been around for a while. Pick up any processed food item in the grocery store and you will see a list of ingredients added to preserve freshness, provide color, thicken and add texture. Many of these ingredients are… Read more

Posted by Kelli de Sante' on 1st Apr 2022

How Probiotics Can Benefit Your HeartDid you know that BODY BIOTICS™ is a natural CHELATING AGENT? What is Chelation Therapy? After 33 years of focusing on the Probiotic/Prebiotics benefits of BODY BIOTICS, this additional critical health benefit has finally come to light…Chelation Therapy. The chelation process serves the purpose of removing heavy metals from the body by using amino acids to create bonds with undesired minerals so t… Read more

Posted by Kelli de Sante' on 14th Mar 2022

Where have you “bean” all my life?Beans and legumes are plentiful, good for you and so much less expensive than meat.*You don’t have to look far to see the rising cost of everything. Step into the grocery store and sticker shock is everywhere, especially meat prices and red meat in particular. I have some good news for you! One of the healthiest things you can eat for your microbiome is also one of the cheapest things you can buy. And that is bea… Read more

Posted by Kelli de Sante' on 13th Feb 2022

Is your favorite protein drink causing you digestive issues? Sometimes the thing we think is so good for us is causing us harm…whey protein could be one of these if you are lactose intolerant.I have a friend who has been having terrible irritable bowel lately. We got to talking and while her doctor has been prescribing medications and ran a slew of tests to rule out colon and stomach cancer, she shared with me that for the past year she has been… Read more