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Bio-Identical Probiotic/Prebiotic SBO Consortia


 Testimonial Message 

 Kelli De Sante`

 Hello and thank you for visiting us at Body Biotics. Before you make your   purchase, I wanted to share this information with you. First, let me say, that I   know we all work hard for our money and making wise decisions are very   important, especially, in today’s economy. Like many of you, when purchasing any   product for the first time, I look for testimonials or reviews to assist in my   decision-making process.  

 On any given day, you can visit any numerous websites that openly and blatantly   offer amazing health-altering testimonials.  It is true, that most of us are eager to   share the good news when we are lucky enough to discover a product that really   makes a difference in our lives.  Sadly, our industry is increasingly under restrictive regulations that put companies in jeopardy should we try to share these amazing consumer testimonials.  Today, I hope to offer you another way to judge the value of our products by sharing my own personal story, devoid of any health claims. Please read carefully, as I think you might find my story even more valuable.

It all started one day when I got a call from an old friend raving about this amazing life-changing product, you know the kind of call I’m talking about, I’m sure you have received a few of these in your lifetime, too. I was skeptical right from the start, as this person knew I had struggled with certain health issues for well over 20 years. During those twenty some years, I had been persuaded by friends/family to try countless products, none of which made much of a difference in the end.  Lots of money down the drain.  I hate it when that happens and I am sure you do too.

So, here’s what happened! I jokingly told my friend that if he believed so much in his product, to send me a free bottle and if it worked, not only would I pay for it but I would quit my high paying, cushy, VP position with a major company and sale the stuff. LOL! Never did I believe I might need to act on those words, yet here I am today, 27 years later. 

That call took place on August 28th, 1995. I remember it because that day changed my life in more ways than one. You see, it took less than 3 weeks for my chronic, 20+ year challenge to quickly show major signs of relief.   In fact, my toilet bowl got some very expensive pills flushed down it because I no longer needed them. Products I had depended on daily, just to function, and not so fully.

So, now for the rest of the story.  Well, true to my word, not only did I quit my job about a month later, but I also turned down the new company’s VP of Sales offer and personally bank-rolled myself in an “all commission” sales position…how’s that for faith in this product.  My excitement for the possibilities of this new, amazing product was so profound that I didn’t want to waste a single day behind a desk job, while millions of people around the world needed my help.

The company was new and only had one single product, no website, no brochure, no sales materials, and no marketing list. What it did have was one life-changing formula that I believed everyone needed and a world of customers just waiting to be called…so I went to work.  I worked 12-16 hours a day. I was so excited it didn’t even feel like a job.  Day after day, week after week, the calls came in and every customer had a different amazing story.  I admit, I was amazed and confused!  How could one formula do so much?

This is what I learned that made such a variety of experiences/responses make sense: “…our God-given immune system is the most important bodily function relative to good health and wellbeing.  When you offer your immune system the tools to repair and perform optimally, your body works masterfully to remedy any/all chronic or temporary challenges.  We don’t even need to name the issue, the body has a brilliant communication network that takes on your most serious concern and works down the list, as needed…”  Kind of like, your own personal inner AI control.

In 2004, another life-changing event took place when the owner of BODY BIOTICS™ decided he wanted to sale the company. I went into full panic mood. I had seen first-hand how new company owners come in and, because of greed, decide to water down a formula or change to cheaper ingredients. At that time, I had been a steward of this formula for 9 years, I didn’t want to lose it or see it become something less. When the owner asked if I would go and meet the potential buyers, I did not hesitate.  I said yes…and then one second later heard these words come out of my mouth “…sure, I’ll go meet with them and if they don’t want to buy it, I will…”  My mind raced as I tried to stop the words from coming out, as you see, I really had no thoughts or plans of saying those word. Nor did I have any idea how I would make that happen, financially. I would say “Divine Intervention” was at play here. I had no plans to take on such a huge financial commitment, and I had always been committed to this product and to the customers whose very lives depended on it. 

Well, to make a rather long story short, I did manage to purchase the company in 2005 and have worked diligently for 27 years to honor the gift of this formula for the many health benefits it has provided to me and tens of thousands of customers around the world.  Today, pictured here, I am 70 years young, take no medications and still enjoy the wonders of BODY BIOTICS™. I truly believe that BODY BIOTICS™ has supported me in such a way as to even keep me looking years younger…at least, that’s what people say.

In conclusion….since the “powers that be” limit our ability to openly share all of the wonderful stories that so many would gladly tell, I am showing a list of just a sampling of customers who have enjoyed the benefits of BODY BIOTICS™, many for more than 30 years.  Now, you and I, both, know that we don’t keep wasting our hard-earned money on products that do not work…. right? 

Customers for more than 20 years:
Laura Hill, HHI, SC
 "Body Biotics has been a part of my daily health regime for 27 years.  I can't imagine life without it..." 
Stephanie Joy Johnson, Asheville, NC "...So very thankful for the best Probiotic formula ever.  Changed my life..."
Chief Saul Porecki, Boulder Creek, CA "...As a renowned chef, I know good food and quality ingredients.  Body Biotics is hands-down, top of my list when it comes to great-quality and wellness performance..."
Elizabeth King, FL "...I credit Body Biotics for the remarkable health of my 3 sons.  I am so grateful to this product for helping me maintain wellbeing before, during and after all of my pregnancies...."
Dr. K. Sherman - CA "...I really enjoyed using this product and regularly recommend it to co-workers, friends and family members..."
Sacred Mountain, Sally Robertson, Aurora, CO"...these Probiotics are what our ancestors use to get from their gardens and orchards before the advent of modern toxic farming..." 
Optimal Health Concepts, Greg Jones, Camarillo , CA"...can't say enough about the amazing benefits of BODY BIOTICS..."
Tico Dumas, Jupiter, FL "...BODY BIOTICS, a truly effective Probiotics..."
Juliann Chalmers (2008) 29 Palms CA "...can't recommend BODY BIOTICS highly enough.."
Richard and Sandiy Lektorich, Grant Pass, OR
Patricia Benner, Coats, NC
"...Awesome health benefits from BODY BIOTICS..."
Corinne McGrady, Hoodsport, WA
Mary McKean, Gainesville, GA
And thousands more…

Customers for more than 15 years: 
Better than Greens, Tammy Roesch, Kingsville, OH  
Hai Shan Clinic (Heiner Fruehauf) Corbett, OR 
"...BODY BIOTICS and BODY GENESIS have been part staples in our practice for some time now..." 
Joan Youst, Cincinnati, OH "...we love Body Biotics and are so grateful for this truly effective product..."
Andelora & Andelora Chiropractic, Tucson,  AZ "...can't say enough about the amazing benefits of BODY BIOTICS..." 
Whalesong Acupuncture Center, Kimerly Hruby 
Total Health Concepts, Joe Hanes, Gastonia NC
The Healing Hut, Jade Dandy, Boise, ID
East-Lab, Randy Frager, Oceanside, CA
Muffy Williams, Weaverville, FL
Alisha Kaiser, Weed, CA
Gayle Wilbur, Olympia, WA
Howard Merwarth, Brady, TX
Beverly Yates, Canada
And thousands more…