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"When I first heard about this product, well frankly, I thought to myself 'this is probably just snake oil.' I was very suspicious. So I went out to Los Angeles and interviewed people who had used it, and looked at their medical histories, and I became a believer. Without a doubt, people are being helped." **

Dr. Don Boys, PhD., Indiana-Former Member, House of Representatives, Columnist for USA Today- Bio/Tech News 1993

Probiotic Supplements Offer More Than An Ounce of Prevention Against Bacterial Infections 

By Frank Burns

The human intestinal tract is vulnerable to many bacteria, viruses, and a variety of organisms on a daily basis. One of our most common illnesses is the stomach flu, which can be a simple nuisance or turn into a major illness.  Gastrointestinal issues are fairly common, so what preventative measures can we take to help avoid these pesky intestinal infections.

Food poisoning ranks high on the list of common bacterial infections.  Every day many people are exposed to a variety of opportunities to eat foods that have been spoiled or handled improperly resulting in food poisoning which can cause diarrhea, abdominal cramps, nausea and vomiting. Sometimes, the cause is a bacterium and other causes may be from germs such as viruses, fungi or protozoan parasites.   
Three of the most common preventative measures to observe are:
  1.  Make sure that the people handling your food exhibit good hygiene. In this case, where you choose to eat could be critical.
  2. Be careful with fresh foods that are kept in the refrigerator, especially rice, beef, milk and eggs.  These foods should not be kept there for long periods of time and should be cook thoroughly and served hot when they are prepared.
  3. Always wash your hands, fruits, vegetables, counters, and cutting boards with care.  A trick here is to wash everything and then spray with 3% hydrogen peroxide.  This is safe and kills most germs on contact. For example, people who like pork can get sick easily if they do not cook or prepare the meat well. *

Other concerns are when you are traveling.  Never drink unsanitary water in 3rd world countries.  It is best to find bottles water not produced in that country or to boil the tap water if bottled water is not available.  If you are exposed and develop explosive, watery diarrhea, you may be in danger of becoming severely dehydrated. In many cases, this would require emergency medical care.

Hospitalization for abdominal surgery is another area for caution against gastrointestinal infection.  Surprisingly, this kind of infection happens, with some amount of frequency, because the patient has gone through an invasive surgery making them more susceptible to infections. This form of infection can be serious and most often requires antibiotics.  If the infection settles into what they call a pocket, the pocket may need to be drained, often followed by another round of antibiotics.  You can see this could become a vicious cycle.  To help prepare the body before surgery, you may want to take an effective Probiotics Consortia Supplement for seven to ten day prior to hospitalization. *

Gastrointestinal infections happen quite often, and the severity varies from one individual to the next. These infections are often preventable and treatable.  Most of these infections are cleared naturally from the body in 24 to 48 hours.  Make sure to drink lots of liquid to avoid dehydration and to speed up this process, an effective Probiotics Supplement Consortia can be helpful in fighting off the unfriendly bacteria and restoring the micro-flora balance.  If it is severe, you might want to consult your physician for professional help. *

Please visit our other pages to learn more about avoiding bacterial infections by increasing the amount of beneficial flora through ingesting probiotics supplements by assisting the body in balancing the bodies natural store of probiotic microflora

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