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"When I first heard about this product, well frankly, I thought to myself 'this is probably just snake oil.' I was very suspicious. So I went out to Los Angeles and interviewed people who had used it, and looked at their medical histories, and I became a believer. Without a doubt, people are being helped." **

Dr. Don Boys, PhD., Indiana-Former Member, House of Representatives, Columnist for USA Today- Bio/Tech News 1993

4 Secrets To Finding...
The Best Probiotics Supplements
They Don't Want You To Know!

by Kelli de Sante

Beneficial friendly bacteria have been used in the fermentation of foods since the beginning of time. However, the use of Probiotic Supplements is a relatively new concept in the consumer marketplace. Because of this, there is an abundance of incomplete and incorrect information on the subject of how to identify and select the best and most effective Probiotic (friendly bacteria) Supplement.

Secret #1: The first question you should ask when looking for an effective Probiotic is this: Are the Probiotics you are considering alive and dying from the moment they are manufactured, or are they alive and dormant feeding on their natural food source? The secret is...are these living organisms packaged in their natural food source or what is called a consortium of symbiotically blended Probiotics? Beware...most are not. So, don't be fooled...finding a Probiotic with billions of CFU's (Colony Forming Units) is a clever marketing gimmick to disguise the truth. If the Probiotics are alive at the time they were manufactured but have no food source to sustain them, they are alive and dying. If you read the fine print, the label should read xx billions of bacteria (CFU's) at time of manufacturing or something to that effect. There is no way for you, the consumer, to know how many you actually are consuming at the time of ingestion. And, even if you are consuming xx billion CFU's, if they are not packaged in their food source, they will not be able to reconstitute themselves and multiple before they are dead in the intestinal tract. That doesn't mean that you want receive some benefit, however, do not expect any profound changes in your overall health.

The truth is, you need to look for Probiotics that are alive and dormant, thriving on their own natural food source. Living dormant Probiotics may or may not use the term CFU's because they know that is simply a marketing gimmick and has little to do with finding the best Probiotics Supplement.

Secret # 2: Consider the refrigeration requirement aspect of some Probiotics. Some people think that because they need to be refrigerated they must be better. The truth is logical if you stop and think about it. If the Probiotics are not packaged in their own natural food source, they are susceptible to exposure to heat and require refrigeration. So, ask yourself this simple question...what is the temperature of the human body? Now think, how effective can this product be when ingested if it requires refrigeration? You are an intelligent consumer, so don't be fool by these products.

Secret #3: The third question you should ask yourself is this are the Probiotic Supplements I'm looking at a blend of one or more isolated, extracted alive and dying bacteria; or are they a consortium of living bacteria that have been cohabitating in a symbiotic relationship, learning to communicate together, and packaged in their own natural food source? This is important because if you the bacteria have not spent some time living together and are not packaged in their own food source, they are basically unable to re-constitute themselves and multiple in the acid environment of the acidic digestive tract.

Probiotics which have been trained to live in the same environment together have created a working relationship with each other and go about performing their internal jobs with greater efficacy. To put this in simple terms....let's use this example, if you had a choice between selecting the winners of the Superbowl or a team of player randomly selected from the streets of New York simple because they are big guys, which football team would you select. Team one, the Super bowl team has trained together ran plays together and generally they understand their job as team members. The pickup team, from the street, has no understanding of each other and no idea of how to play the game together. My bet would certainly be on the Super Bowl team. How about you?

Secret #4: When selecting a Probiotic, remember, ALL bacteria originate from the soil. There is no cow that produces Lacto Baclilius, they can digest it from the foods they eat, but they certainly do not produce it. So, if a company ever tells you that soil based organisms are not good for you, this is not the truth. Again, ALL bacteria originate from the soil. All Probiotics were at some time "soil based organisms." In conclusion, when looking for the best Probiotics Supplement, look at the history behind the product, as well as, the ingredient deck.

Examine these 4 issues:
Is it a time tested product?

Has it been fermented and cultured to create a symbiotic relationship?

Is it encapsulated in its natural food source?

Is it described as a Soil Based Organism or some extracted form of bacteria?

These 4 secrets will guide your path. There are several time tested versions that are sure to work, such as Body Biotics or Nature's Biotics. Do your homework before taking the plunge. And, remember, an effective Probiotics is worth its weight in gold. Don't go cheap! You may just be wasting your money. You are better off taking much less than the daily recommended dose of a great Probiotic, than you are purchasing a cheap imitation .A highly effective Probiotic will deliver an abundant variety of health benefits.

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